Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ennis Court Mandalas

An amazing experiment is taking place at Ennis Court (A senior Living Community) located in Lakewood, Ohio. Residents are being taught to make Mandalas with fantastic results. All the artists represented here are suffering with various levels of cognitive degeneration, some severe.

Charles Gilchrist: "I believe our Ennis Court Mandala Experiment has proven to be very valuable and even important. I would like to teach my techniques to as many health care leaders as possible. I envision this process being successfully practiced all over the world. Sacred Geometry transcends any mundane language and I believe will help almost anyone suffering with various levels of cognitive degeneration. I have the developed working formulas held in my mind and I would love to share them with as many teachers as possible."

Note: If you are interested in taking advantage of Charles’ willingness to share, you can visit his website at