Saturday, June 14, 2008

Native American Dwellings

Here is a small collection showing the wide variety of homes native americans lived in during the early 1900's.

Tipis on the water
Two tepees reflected in water of a pond, with four Piegan Indians seated in front of one tepee.

Native American Camp
Camp Among Oaks, an unusual image showing a campsite with two tent-like shelters, one with child and baby in cradleboard outside, dog in foreground.

Wichita Grass House
A rare image of a traditional Wachita Grass house.

Pima home
A Pima Ki, or primitive Pima home, made of arrowbrush and earth, and shows a woman seated by the doorway.

King Island Eskimo Village
A stunning image of King Island Eskimo Village, showing houses on stilts on a terraced cliff above body of water, small boulders and low growing vegetation in foreground.

Klamath Tule Hut, with a Klamath woman, full-length portrait, facing front, seated in front of house thatched with rush mats.

Cliff Dwellings
Indian Cliff Dwellings with four Hopi women in front of a pueblo building.

Chemehuevi House
Chemehuevi Indian House, a thatched shelter built on mounded dirt.

Apache Grass Hut
An Apache Wickiup documenting the Apache tradition of living in straw houses. It shows a rounded structure made out of grass, with baskets in front.

Row of Tipis
Joseph Dead Feast Lodge.

~Photography by Edward S Curtis


David Bissonnette said...


I am doing a doc on obesity and type-2 diabetes, and i am currently trying to cquire pics of native Americans specifically Pima. Where did you get these ones specifically