Monday, June 30, 2008

Bored at work?

Here are a couple of easy and fun games you can play right there at your desk! All you need is a printer and some colored pencils. Have fun!

3D Football
3D Football:

Decorate the post and ball with crayons or colored pencils. Print and then glue the page to a piece of thin cardboard, for example, a recycled cereal box. Cut out the goal post and the two footballs. Glue the footbal together back to back. Fold the goal post along the dotted line and place a book or heavy object on the flap to keep the goal standing up. Hold the football by pointing one end down on the table and pressing the top with your forefinger. With your other hand flick the ball, with your forefinger. Make the ball go through the goal post.

Decision Helper
Decision Helper:

Decorate the decision helper with crayons or colored pencils. Cut out along the solid lines and glue onto a piece of thin cardboard for example, a recycled file folder. Flip the decision helper over so that the colored side is on the bottom. Fold up along the dotted lines. Fold the flaps in and glue to the inside of the formed cube.

Ask a question that would have a yes or no answer. Roll the cube to receive an answer to help you make up your mind.

Fo Fish
Go Fish Game:
1. Print out several copies of this page and color the fish with crayons or markers. Cut out each fish and punch a hole in the tail fin of each fish.

2. Fold the tail up. Unfold a paper clip to make your "fishing hook." Tie a string to the hook. Holding the string end, "go fishing."

3. Add up the points. After all the fish have been caught, which player has the most points?