Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Amazing Vintage Cadillac

From a very old copy of Mechanics Illustrated comes this remarkable piece:

room with bath
If you saw Louis Mattar's car rolling along the streets of San Diego, CA, you'd probably consider it just another attractive automobile. But if you looked inside the car you'd find everything from a barbecue pit to a Hookah. And he might even let you take a shower just off the right fender.

built in hookah
Taking a puff on his Arabian water pipe, Mattar turns on the wire recorder for a playback of some dictation.

the plumbing
Here the engine compartment is filled with mechanisms. In foreground is the hot water reservoir. Mattar's hand rests on one of three pumps which operate the plumbing.

On the right, electric barbecue slides out along the back-seat armrest and Mattar prepars a snack for a guest. Lid pivots down and the "hot dogs" roas inside the container. Note the soda fountain with pull-out sink on the left.

What an amazing car!