Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's for dinner?

Looks yummy, doesn't it?

Here's a closer look!
Still think it looks good?

You might want to find out a little more about this particular meal before you get too excited about what's on the menu today!

Are those rats?

Here is the recipe...
First, burn the hair off.

And then wash them in a bucket.

Chop into "chicken-like" pieces.

Season well.

Prepare to deep fry...

And Voila!
Rat - the new white meat!

Believe it or not, in China, clean, fresh, farm-captured rats are lavishly prepared and served to diners eager to consume rat-meat dishes. In some parts of china rat meat sells for considerably more than chicken, pork, or beef.


Martin Ye said...

i am a chinese and i have traveled around china. i must say that only in some parts of china, mainly in canton, are rats consumed as food. of course you can find a couple of people eat rats at home in different places, but you can rarely find rat meat on restaurant menu.