Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Was this guy lucky or what?

Man hits guard rail and flips end over end. Sounds like a rather routine accident doesn't it?

Here's a closer look. The truck crashed though a highway barrier, rolled over a culvert, and came to rest facing opposite its original direction of travel —

— barely missing plunging hundreds of feet over an adjacent cliff.

The roadway is Highway 59 near Hurricane City, Utah. Can you see that little box that shows where the accident occured? Yowsers!


Thesaurus Rex said...

Phewee, Deputy Dawg. That was a close one.
On South Gloucestershire road, I once saw a car which had left the road and headed straight over a cliff. Luckily it passed over a small tree which bent when hit and stopped the car kinda mid air, still balanced on what was by then, a horizontal tree overhanging a cliff.

Two Feathers said...

Wow! It just goes to show that with a "guardian angel" or a lot of luck - you can manage to live through just about anything!