Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Interesting Illusions

This looks a lot like a picture of vehicle,
a Freelander to be exact.
Instead, it's a picture of a line of Maasai warriors.

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A nifty illusion, not too surprising, but nifty nonetheless.
Here's another one:

Looks like a pixelated image of Abraham Lincoln
when viewed small...
but when enlarged, it's something totally different:

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Ok, so yeah, I know nothing really earth shatteringly cool as yet. So, how about this portrait of the artist Dali?

This one is kind of tricky.
Once you see the self portrait, it's a little harder to adjust your vision so you can see the alternative image in the picture.

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But here is my favorite one. It's George W. Bush, our illustrious president.

And on closer inspection, you can see his portrait is made up of monkeys swimming in a marsh. Appropriate, huh?

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What makes it even more fun is that at the end of 2004, this painting was world news. It was shown around the globe in newspapers and on TV. Why ? It was in the news because the (art) show's organizer was threatened : "You need to take down this show today, otherwise we're seizing the art and you're going to get arrested."