Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Ploy for Employment

So, here's a guy with an idea...

Get me a job?
In case English is not your language, here's what it says:

Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy is running a competition called "Seeking" to discover new talent and I want to win. But instead of just submitting a portfolio, I want to do something a little different. Something bigger than me. So I'm turning to the world for help. Here's your chance to make me a winner. Why? Because helping someone else feels good. So put your thinking cap on, come up with an idea that will get me noticed, then click submit and send that gem of an idea on its way. Not only will you get a thank you email directly from yours truly, but if I use your idea for my entry, I will mention your name in a future work - jacket sleve of a novel, shout out in an Oscar acceptance speech, prayler list mention in a community church program. Who know. Just know it will be great. Good luck and Godspeed. I'm counting on your brilliance.

Who you know....
It's either who you know or who you blow.
Being 3,045 miles away, I've got neither.

Take one
Take one for the team. By team, I mean me.

With my good looks....
With my good looks and your good idea,
I just might have a shot of winning this thing.

Be an assistant winner.

If I win
If I win, at least you'll know your idea was good.