Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcome to my world!

Redneck Wedding Announcement
Here in "Redneck America", when we make a wedding announcement,
we tell it like it is!

Redneck Motor Home
Our homes reflect our pursuit of excellence.

Redneck Water Heater
We are resourceful...

Redneck Riding Mower
And inventive.

Redneck Flatscreen TV
We go out of our way to enjoy the best technology available...

Redneck Outdoor Phone
Our homes reflect our love of creature comforts...

Redneck Bodywork
Our vehicles reflect our commitment to quality work...

Redneck Trout Tournament
Recreational time is important...

Redneck Swimming Pool
We know how to relax...

Redneck Hot Dog Cooker
And enjoy a good meal...

Redneck Funeral
And when we die, we take it all with us.

Redneck Crossing
So, don't poke fun... we just might poke back!