Thursday, May 22, 2008

House Between the Rocks

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Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

The description of this amazing little house was almost as astonishing as the pictures. Here it is, verbatim:

Pink the Granite, offers a splendid littoral, full with surprised and granitic imaginations. all at the end of a wild peninsula, Plougrescant is a place which enchants by the beauty of its littoral. The point of the Castle, one of the most beautiful sites of the department, offers to the glances a fabulous landscape of rocks and reefs with the colours rougeoyantes. From there, in clear weather, one benefits from a beautiful sight on the archipelago of the Seven-Islands. The pit of Manor house-Meur, born from the marriage of the sea and the littoral, very picturesque, you will discover the famous house (private) enchased between two enormous rocks which one could see on a posting campaign there is that some time. Not far, a house of reception and animation of the Academy of the Littoral proposes the discovery of the surroundings I erased two cars which wasted the landscape.