Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cool and Unusual

This house is standing in the city of Braunschweig. There is no normal line or window in it. The house is totally bevelled. It´s built in the historic part of Braunschweig called "Magni-Quarter", and was designed by the famous New Yorker artist James Rizzi. It is called the "happy Rizzi house".

I did not find any information about this building. It looks like an apartment building or an office. Looks like some of the rooms up towards the top have some odd shapes to them.

Take a journey into the unknown with a building called WonderWorks. It's central Florida’s only upside down attraction, and an amusement park for your mind. This odd building has over 100 wacky interactive displays for your entire family to experience.

Yes this is a real building. Built in 2004, it is an addition to a popular shopping center, and is a major tourist attraction in Sopot, Poland. IWe just wonder what happens when someone, who's "under the influence", sees this building for the first time.

Built on a 135 degree angle, the only information I found on the house is that it was built by Japan. It has a silly pink roof in which, if you look real close, you'll notice that there's someone living inside.

This 7-story building shaped like a basket is Longaberger's Home Office, Newark, Ohio. Here's what it looks like at night. Nifty huh?