Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Bad Ass Snakes

This is a Burmese Python,

and this is a Reticulated Python.

She didn't have any trouble going through the fence BEFORE she had someone for dinner.

If a Python did have you for dinner, this is the last thing you would see!

After a really big meal, Pythons are fat and sleepy and not dangerous at all. This makes them easy to catch if someone comes up missing -- like the unfortunate man below!

He wandered away from the work site in the Amazon jungles, got sleepy and took a nap. The nap turned out not to be a such good idea after all.


Anonymous said...

who are you?

Anonymous said...

The snake biting the fence is an african rock python not a burmese and truthfully looks nothing like one if you notice the pattern

Anonymous said...

The snake in the eaten man photo looks like a retic so...that would not be anywhere near the Amazon..if you are going to post photos with narrative, make sure you have your facts right...otherwise, only post the picture, thanx

Ashley said...

i dont think he is really eating the man.....